Home@Vic Vs Wrexham

posted 15 Feb 2013, 10:23 by Gateshead FC Supporters Club   [ updated 20 Feb 2013, 04:42 ]
Please submit your names as quickly as possible via email, or our FaceBook site, or on the forum for our first game at Victoria Park. Return tickets are only £6. (£3 one-way if seats are available)

The bus will leave from Gateshead Civic Center at 6pm
with extra pick-ups from Heworth Metro (6:05pm) and Concord bus station (6:15pm).

Below is an up-to-date list of fans travelling. Please check that you are on it.

Alan Higgins 1
Alan Higgins 2
Alan Higgins 3
Alan J
Andrew Mcciness
Andrew mcGrath
Andy M
Andy Masson
Anth Scurfield
Aurther Doige 1
Aurther Doige 2
Aurther Doige 3
Ben Hodgson
Chris Beers
Craig Hylton (SC)
Dave Bradley (SC)
Dave Gaddis
David Lord
dec Rushton
Ed H
Emily Faucus
Emma carter
Ernie Currie
Frank Craswell
Gemma Llewellen 1
Gemma Llewellen 2
graham white
Heedcasuals (craig)
heedranger (simon)
ian Mc
Jack Quinn
James robinson ,
John Bourne
Karl Mc
Ken richardson
Ken Stevenson
Lauren NSU 1
Lauren NSU 2
Les R1
Les R2
Liam M
Margret Lord
Mark Henderson (SC)
Micky Hunter
Micky Moody
Rob Byrne ,
Ross Black
Ross Hughes (SC)
Ryan M
Simon J
Stan Rankin
Steve Byrne
Steve Clifford
Tom Ellis ,
Tom Stoddart 2 (60)
Ton Stoddart 1
tony carter
Zak Furlong

Please also post your names for our upcoming "home" games so we can organise buses in plenty of time. Many Thanks.